56/ overheard

When I saw this wall in Ayuthaya (before adding the gold)
there was just the speech bubble, 
a piece of plaster in the midst of a large old brick wall; 
am in two minds whether to keep the
change, it was already so eloquent.


55/ mirror image

Today is another birthday, it was my twin's yesterday,
she is far away, so it's strange to know that the idea of time
being different in another country
means that we can celebrate on the same day..
never could get my head around numbers.

It's a mystery how any thing works..


54/ past patterns

Did this a few weeks ago, in the middle of some
old pattern showing up; it somehow helped enormously
~ digital sand play.
It resolved, or became conscious, & passed out of memory

The background photo at right is of mirror tiles in a Thai temple,
a feature in many wats.