98 / wall paintings-2

I could figure out the location, if I had the time..

this one I know is in Luang Prabang, & was at some stage 
restored by people from Chiang Mai university

fairly sure this is too


97 / wall paintings-1

There are some wonderful wall paintings in temples
in Thailand & Laos, many in poor condition,

from the climate as much as anything, its also
difficult to photograph them without flash

I don't always know the story, but enjoy them very much


96 / marks

a fascinating door in Istanbul, marked with symbols,
verdigris, time

I wanted to touch it, but wasn't sure of the protocol

this part looked more cross cultural.
Don't you love how we can recall the sights of faraway places
so clearly, from photos? 
It extends time & space in an interesting way..


95 / older story

In the east of Turkey, near Diyabakir from memory,
the darker walls at top were ancient ~ were they
defending, making a last stand, or what?

a mysterious inside pillar, I think it was at Aya Sofya,
so it spoke of two quite different chapters..
(apologies if I've got that wrong)


94 / stories

Was looking for photos of Gobekli Tepe from my trip to 
Turkey, had to go through many folders, & was struck again
by the amazing stories in Istanbul walls

some are in Greek,

others in a language I can't read

maybe others couldn't either

or they learnt the right gestures

sometimes I could feel the words through my feet

actually one doesn't need the language

it is often just a beautiful harmonious song


93 / alive

So many beautiful buddha statues in Burma,
I also liked how the temples are not only a place of
worship, but also somewhere to meet friends, hang out,
or even have a siesta ~ all in a beautiful environment.


92 / self portrait

a favourite self portrait, am standing directly in front of
a mirrored temple wall in Thailand, only a bit of hair
is visible (perhaps if you click on it?)


91 / buddhas

sky Buddha

using 'mistakes': I could see I'd moved on the first shot,
focus fine in the next, so I put them together
when I got back to my big screen.


90 /looking

It's been very hot here, & dryer than usual,
we are looking for rain

looking at cooler pictures doesn't really work
(especially when trying to figure out some Kafka-esque
glitch on my computer)

except to remind me of superb moments,
like this flight last May, coming in to Kathmandu:
suddenly, a real illusion


89 / Burning Questions

Four of my paintings from Burning Questions

a book that Isaac Shapiro & I collaborated on

you could buy a copy here
($22 plus postage with PayPal)

More page spreads at shantipress

check it out!