53/ lotus

It's a little like when I was painting every day,
I would put one aside for a time, begin another, look at all
new ones together, etc. 
The lotus is my favourite flower.
Nothing really prepares you for the first sight of one,
really quite breathtaking.
..every time..

I find this funny & clever

52/ vanishing

This one began with a buddha figure vanishing into the
dappled light; later I added very pale flowers
from an earlier image, finally adding a coloured one
around the heart area, which also seems to be the eyes' focus.
The speed of a computer is so helpful
to just seeing what happens by itself.


51/ meditate

There's a possible new project: an image suitable to
represent meditation, for a book. 
 For me that means
'allowing every thing to be as it is.'

So it could be a buddha type figure
(that seems to be an easily understood symbol),
or almost anything that evokes a sense of peace..
Even though it might for instance be an active
process of sending love to all be-ings.
In the case of a book cover, it also needs to be
an image that captures the attention.


50/ light

A beautiful light at the beach today, the air clean & crisp

You might be astonished to know how many photos
I have of light on water, it's one of my favourite sights.
Light on any thing. Some days especially,
light seems to caress whatever is.


49/ flowers

Sometimes I like to see how close I can go to "too much",
while trying to suggest a state that's beyond quantifying..


48/ skylights

Another short video I made from a few stills,
I might try to recreate it
as an 'event' on my mac.


47/ earth touching

More muted, perhaps due to trouble
with my back (taking some anti-inflammatory pills)
The hand is in the earth touching mudra on a Thai statue.
I've done a few versions of both, then I'll keep the best.


46/ responding

Something I'm interested in showing is how the layers
of time/history appear ~ or disappear ~ at old sites
particularly when it's been a place of devotion
for generations ~ it seems to be what draws people,
as much as anything; we sense that devotion even if
not consciously aware of it.
Certainly I do, don't you?


45/ dust to gold

Found a quote I'd saved:
Those who turn dust to gold by their
gaze, could they also glance at me
from the corner of their eyes?

Hafiz, I think
it was in my mind while I made this new one


44/ all my books

Realised I'd not posted all 5 of my books in one place:
Images from the I Ching was the first, with 64 paintings
of the hexagrams, I also wrote the words, there's a foreword
by Ralph Metzner, it was published by Craftsman House.

The next 3 were in collaboration with Bryce Courtenay,
he's a dear friend & a very well known author here.
The first edition of A Recipe for Dreaming had my paintings,

As did The Family Frying Pan ~ plus drawings,

while the 2nd edition of A Recipe for Dreaming has my
altered photos. It was published by Penguin, & is still
available; all can be found at used book sellers
in Australia, I expect.

& the latest one Burning Questions I did with Isaac Shapiro,
it has mostly my paintings (as above), also some photos.
You can see more pages & purchase here, or on Isaac's website.