248 / museum

Out past Xian, last year in China.. sorry, can't remember 
where, but a good museum

oddly, people had left money at this group
of sculptures

some lovely pieces, or were they copies?

the real deal, I'd say

am thinking these were from burial sites, along the Silk Road,
could they be Scythian? The dry air & sand kept some artifacts
in amazingly good condition, I recall from reading
 all Sir Aurel Stein's books.


247 / edits

Was checking some camera cards, & saw again how I edit
differently at different times:
here are more from my Silk Road trip last year
above is near the end of the Wall

getting into the desert areas

& one of the great very old trees in
the garden of the Forbidden palace
in Beijing


246 / distant

Find it strange that the moon can look so much larger
with the camera zoom,

while the fluke of a whale doesn't -
even though its closer, with the zoom at full stretch
- its always a thrill to see them, they are heading south again

this was a section of the arc of a sunset rainbow
all on the same evening