245 / spring

Yesterday it was stormy, so I picked the flowers
in my garden that would otherwise perish

& photographed them

they are so delicate 
compared to most Australian native flowers
I love both.

The last of our father's brothers died yesterday.
Alan Heaton
He enjoyed a long, full life, & will be missed by so many
friends & family.


244 / a few more

Couldn't have done this with paint on the print,
not easily, anyway

The old, old lichens at Galisteo 

still watching 

With a very clever printer, I guess you could do this,
in the old days, though not as simply as digitally
(click to see larger)

an off-road Buddha on the way to Denver

cloud in San Cristobal de las Casas

an ambiguous hand at Springbrook

This one worked well on a large canvas

Canyon de Chelly 

Bangalow window
...now I can get back to painting!
Haven't made new travel bookings as yet.