67/ faces

At one monastery we had the opportunity to photograph
in the kitchens, very old, light beams from windows, 
lots of steam

Often there was a charge for cameras &/or photography, after
a while I didn't bother because the results without a tripod
werent worth it. Other times I liked the blur.
I don't use flash because it doesn't look like that, & is even more intrusive.

Moved as I clicked, like it anyway,
near Rongbuk monastery, over 5000 metres.
By that time I was sleep deprived & lungs too small.
& oh, those mind blowing mountains !

It was the smallest monastery we saw, the most remote,
 I liked it best. In winter it must be horrifyingly cold.
Its near the 1922 Everest Base Camp. 


66/ Tibetans

In Sydney recently, I met a friend who'd been on the same tour to Tibet,
we showed our photos. He had some great people shots,
while mine were more landscapes. I'd like to take more of people,
but am often uncomfortable, without some interaction
- unless they are part of a scene, as above

or already lined up for someone - this very 
attractive  & happy group, at the Summer Palace
near Lhasa. I count smiling at each other as communication.

This I fluked as we drove past, they looked happy too

& one can often get people who are not looking,
except its those telling faces which interest me. 
Faces that speak volumes.



The plan is to add to this site (previously private), 
& phase out aniewilliamspix.
Since I'm painting again after a long break, 
not sure if I'll do more digital pictures for a while.
In May I went to Nepal & Tibet, a marvellous trip

Had a window seat on the flight to Lhasa,
the most spectacular sight. Ever.

Had already started some mountain paintings, & 
now there will be more.. so inspiring.
Early Spring, so very cold at times.

At present one must join a tour, I went with 
World Expeditions, 11 people, 2 great guides.
Loved it. Lhasa back to Kathmandu by road, with 
many beautiful Tibetan monasteries, 

ever changing mountains, high altitude.
What an awesome landscape.
I became fairly adept at photographing from a moving 
vehicle, over sometimes rough roads.
It would be good to be slower - walk - but that is beyond me

This is Yamdruk Lake, truly divine.
I'd like to go again..