163 / time

Dusk at my twins place,
last week we celebrated another birthday,
how quickly they appear to add up..
We always think of our mother, & the difficult time she
went through, long ago  


162 / Chengdu

The last place I visited in China, Chengdu -
was quite tired by this stage but couldn't miss
the Panda breeding centre there

 adorable creatures, so involved with eating its hard to tell
if they notice us

The red pandas are a lot smaller, & also loveable

Was ready to return to Australia by then; here a glittering sunset 
above Kuala Lumpur.


161 / Kashi

Really liked the Sunday market, & Kashgar -
I think Kashi is like an affectionate nickname
(though its also a name for Varanasi)

 mostly men with their stock, yet it felt easy to be there

one of my favourites (click to see larger)

quite a few eating places

the start of making noodles

my favourite people shot in China, a farmer with 3 little girls

then to the bazaar, with flamboyant designs
on home decoration items

very vivid stalls

I stayed some days in the laid back old town (or new old town)
So sorry to hear theres been further trouble in the area,
since I was there in May.

from the bridge into the old town.
From here I flew to Chengdu, then home.


160 / sunday markets

really enjoyed the Sunday livestock market

bought a sheep bell here

wished I had a horse to outfit

the cow really didn't want to jump

afterwards to a colourful bazaar

Some ladies dressed in their best

really wanted to get the centre striped coat - but I live in
a sub tropical beach town

the breads in Xinjiang are various & delicious
quite similar to those in Kashmir

bed is a seat while you wait for the restaurant

another kind, just made.


159 / Kashgar

The door to an old mosque in Kashgar 

it has a pleasant feel, with trees & rose gardens

it must be a cool haven in full summer

there are multi coloured carved timber pillars
as well as these

I loved the old town, & even the new old town

mud bricks look so natural, though not safe
when the earth moves

various trades working outside their shops,
here a blacksmith

& the wooden doors into courtyard & house


158 / to Kashi

we flew across these amazing mountains

the Tien Shan 

might paint some, soon

from Urumqi to Kashgar

full of surprising sights

old buildings -  much fewer than before, sadly

its an easy place to like


157 / mountain lake

By now on this tour of China, its May 24, according to my camera

Heavens Lake was a lovely place

that would have been truly sensational

without the very loud tinny Chinese music

I suspect the urban population might be uncomfortable
with lots of space & silence

there had been snow a couple of days before

the lake was large & so clear, with the blue sky

one mountain was 5000m or so

the local people managed it - small shuttle buses
up to the lake & a possibility to stay in a yurt. 

it was so fine to breathe clean air!