121 / & hills

Is it still a hill

when atop a mountain?

good main roads, with large tunnels sometimes

subtle changes in colour, shapes, geology,
I never tired of looking.


120 / in Tibet

Will soon be away for more than a month, 

& not sure whether I'll feel like doing this

so here are a few photos from the 1000's I took

last year, in Tibet


119 / slow

This is the one I used for wallpaper on my iPad mini,
though I've yet to see how to get the full frame on the screen.
Does exposure to microwaves/wifi emitted by all
these devices have a measurable effect on our health,
or is it healthier to tune out some of the negatives?
That is, don't think about it?


118 / slow learner

Resized these, I thought, for use as wallpaper on
my new iPad mini

some of them won't work at all, with apps all over the top,

but the main reason is I haven't found how
the device will resize, though I spent hours reading 
various how-to sites..

these last two would have been best perhaps,
but all of my pictures need to be the full composition

...certainly I like them to be. They invariably were
severely cropped on the iPad screen. I tried several ways, including
photographing the screen on my Mac, with the iPad.
When I locate the one I used, I'll post it.


117 / painting

The Chuang Tzu  butterfly series was completed
while I lived in Dalhousie

Most days I painted all day; the cottage was too cold in winter,
so I travelled in other parts of India then.

bldg blog - one of my favourites


116 / I Ching

Four paintings from my book  Images from the I Ching
now out of print. 
Above is 40, thunder over water, Liberation

I was living then in Mexico, & the east coast of the USA
This is hexagram 56, fire over mountain, Traveller

57, wind over water, Penetrating Influence
It took more than a year to complete all 64 images.

.. a year when I consulted the I Ching frequently.
32, thunder over wind, Enduring.


115 / green

Was living in Dalhousie, India, in the 70's. It was mostly green,
except before the monsoon arrived, the air was clean, 
I loved being there

During the monsoon, trees were more like gardens.
It was a very special place for me.