186 / dream remedies 3

I became interested in homeopathic remedies in India -
where they are in wide use - bought some (large!) books about it, 
& took them to the mountains

the next series of paintings
 seemed to change, depending on what my main
interest was that year

& for an earlier series there is unfortunately 
no record .. I was reminded of that today when I heard someone
say they had been meditating etc in India, & found it 
difficult to meet the practicalities of being back in Australia

that is, I forgot to get them properly photographed

In my mind they all relate, in some way,
or perhaps its simply the same sensibility:
even though the current paintings are quite large,
in acrylics, & at first sight quite straightforward.

Anyway, its what's happening now.

In these years - this series was around the late 80's -
I certainly needed to exhibit & sell them, 
yet didn't think a lot about who might be interested,
its where my own interests went

Hopefully a few people will like my next series 
if I decide to exhibit, but it may not be the same people
as before.


185 / Dream Remedies 2

There are transparencies of the whole set, 
I've just done a fairly quick fix of these, 
(in the unforgiving light of my big screen)
perhaps it was coming to the time when I needed glasses

They were small, perhaps 8x6", I did them in a
book of that size, then framed them for an
exhibition in Sydney, later. A friend bought the series (22)
which just about gave me enough to go travelling again

I painted a lot of pictures in one hotel, looking back,
in San Miguel Allende
Mexico was good for me in that way

Perhaps its just being somewhere I like 
~ India was the same ~ with no particular worries,
& affordable

actually not sure these are the finished versions,
as I haven't compared them to the transparencies

if/when I find the book with words to each,
I might come back & add the name of each

however, if you have a dream containing many of these
elements, for instance, it doesn't necessarily mean you
need that remedy, there will be a complete 'picture' ~
for which you need a practitioner.


184 / dream remedies 1

Posted small versions of some of these, already.
All taken from inadequate prints, as I don't have a
scanner that will do it

I chose 22 homeopathic remedies 
which have symptoms in dreams.. unless you are
interested in homeopathics it won't mean much.
If you are, email me, maybe I can identify them

Quite a few have 'dreams of falling',
& these are not in order because the falling figure
gradually falls further.

I used a lot of historical references, as I figure
our dreams - & states of ill health -
probably haven't changed too much

Although I'm not a homeopath, I know quite a bit about it.
I also started writing trance inductions to go with each one, as 
I'd been studying hypnosis. 

For some of the time I was in San Miguel Allende, in
northern Mexico, staying about 6 months in a wonderful old 
Spanish colonial hotel, with large spare rooms,
whose owner moved to Mexico during the Spanish civil war,
I liked her so much, & the Posada Carmina was a lovely
calm reflection of her.

While I didn't 'prove' any of the remedies, there was some
amazing synchronicity happening, it seemed all I had to do was tune
in to each one.. have rarely been sick, but have dreamt a lot,
some of them scary. & travelling, one gets stomach bugs,
or eats unknown foods, which account for some weird dreams.. 
Don't you think?


183 / early morning

Stayed a couple of days on the GoldCoast, 
overlooking the ocean

didn't have an extra battery, so these
are with my iPad

all on the same morning, I really liked the

there were several dolphins in the foreground

it seemed a portentous start to the day..


182 / door

A door in the lovely town of San Cristobal de las Casas,
I was there for a couple of years in the early '90's.


181 / dance

In Dalhousie, where I lived long ago:
a misty day, Tibetans at a picnic, dancing,
its like a mirage in memory.
I used b/w film because thats what was available.


181 / stones

'sailing along the coast'
At the time I made these small pictures, my living arrangements
were temporary. I would walk on the beach each day

'ancient angel'
& bring home the stones that caught my eye

'precarious moment'
the so-called smart scanner made its own decision
re the borders

'you need not know all the why & how, there is no end to questions'

'I am That 
everything / nothing'


180 / yangtze

A few more scans from that long ago river trip

I wonder if it all went under water?

in places one could see the narrow ledges from which
men sometimes had to pull the boats 

- with ropes - through the dangerous parts;
the paths looked at least as difficult as the river.


179 / china-scans

Somewhere near Guilin, it was August, 
the haze was interesting on the karst formations there

Was in China in 1982, loved the boat ride from Chunking to
Shanghai. Am scanning some of the photos,
the prints are quite poor quality, ineptly hand spotted.

hundreds of idyllic scenes, a finite supply of film

I was living on a farm in northern NSW, at that time,

so was able to appreciate the work involved

a big storm one night made pink waterfalls


I was just starting to plan my book on the hexagrams
of the I Ching

Had thought to use Chinese landscapes, but the travelling 
proved too difficult, then, for many reasons.


178 / traveller's palm

took some photos with my iPad of travellers palms

there's a bunch growing a few streets from me

they have fan shaped leaves at the top, 
the older ones turn brown & fall

They have a distinctive flat growing habit

An old painting of mine:
 'a Traveller's Palm gives me itchy feet'