185 / Dream Remedies 2

There are transparencies of the whole set, 
I've just done a fairly quick fix of these, 
(in the unforgiving light of my big screen)
perhaps it was coming to the time when I needed glasses

They were small, perhaps 8x6", I did them in a
book of that size, then framed them for an
exhibition in Sydney, later. A friend bought the series (22)
which just about gave me enough to go travelling again

I painted a lot of pictures in one hotel, looking back,
in San Miguel Allende
Mexico was good for me in that way

Perhaps its just being somewhere I like 
~ India was the same ~ with no particular worries,
& affordable

actually not sure these are the finished versions,
as I haven't compared them to the transparencies

if/when I find the book with words to each,
I might come back & add the name of each

however, if you have a dream containing many of these
elements, for instance, it doesn't necessarily mean you
need that remedy, there will be a complete 'picture' ~
for which you need a practitioner.