76/ nomadic genes

Am using some of my photos selected for another project, 
a cross section from various Asian countries,
above: reliefs at Angkor Wat.

a young girl aligning pots in Bhaktapur

part of the astonishing horizon in Pokhara

& a small vivid area of the ghats in Varanasi. Stayed several months,
years ago, in the days when I really felt the pull of strong nomadic genes: 
still love to visit new places, though now I also 
enjoy returning to my place here.


75/ around asia

One of the reasons I enjoy travelling in Asia is the
underlying Buddhist culture of much of it.
It adds a dimension to all spheres of life, & has been crucial 
in the arts for millennia.
Actually most religions had a tradition of beautifying
the architecture & objects connected with their worship,
didn't they?

Some join a monastery for life, for others it's an opportunity
to be educated

these (probably well-known monks) were small
& un-nervingly realistic

A beautifully painted monastery on the outskirts of Kathmandu,
 in the Tibetan tradition.


74/ garden

The delightful summer palace grounds in Lhasa 

in May, the greenest part we saw

with some perpetual Spring flowers


73/ balance

Within the monastery, the scale of the rocks & mountain
achieves a balance with the massive walls

which seem to have always been there

leaning towards the summit


72/like this

such fine paintings & thangkas

decorative details wherever possible

extravagant pillars

I couldn't figure out what happens in other sections

imagine that its all a continuous process of repairs.


71/ unreal

After wanting for so long to visit Tibet 
 it was a little un-real
finally being there

the monasteries, crowded with devotees

the Potala, as large as a mountain

the crowds of pilgrims, clouds of incense

 the vivid colours in the clean cold air..


70/ really old

The walls look really old, though I'm told it was the
paintings & artifacts - & people - that suffered most 
during the dark years. 

there are wonderful decorations, & then it looks like
the painter says 'ok that's enough', & 
just throws the paint at the surface

leaves much abstract art for dead

wouldn't you say?


69/ monks

the young monks 
- playing

& debating


68/ real

There always seemed to be more women than men

a sweet mother & child, they looked so open

speaking volumes

Doubt if this is real gold, still?