106 / wreck

One of the boats along the Ganges in Varanasi
that appear to be used for teaching boatbuilding.
The river is desperately polluted & its a fascinating city.
Watching the river traffic is always captivating.


105 / looking back

A further 3 older paintings. I hand lettered the
mandala with words from the centreing exercises at the end of
Zen Flesh, Zen bones (compiled by Paul Reps). Click to enlarge.
Don't think I could still do that.

the two black & white ones were for teaching stories,
some others in Burning Questions

Maybe some other time I'll post them individually..
maybe not. One year I had boxes & other pieces made,
& painted them with a high gloss finish - that was hard work!


104 / still more

These were during or after extended stays in USA, Maui
& Mexico, & also Australia

I made a series about homeopathic remedies & dreams that
indicate them.. luckier if theres a wake up from the dream.
Really grateful to have been able to paint, all my life.
Many lovely friends & wonderful supportive family too.


103 / more

Still from my India years, a series about the words of Chuangtzu
.. I dreamed I was a butterfly etc

it doesn't really matter where & when, does it?
I didn't keep very good records.


102 / paintings

These also date from around the time I lived in India, that is in the 1970's
I owe a lot to my Indian friends who suggested I go there.

In some ways it seems like just a couple of years ago,
still very vivid in memory.


101 / paint

Paintings take me a lot longer than digital works,
so I'm posting older ones, this from my years in Dalhousie,
India. Made a photo book of them, & saving time by using
those files: the days have fewer hours..


100 / really!

Planted some sunflowers in December

the rosella knew when they were ready

after I cut them down, I found the parrot's message..
or was it the sunflower's?


99 / no longer new

It could be these 2 are in Bangkok, where I once
had a great guide to the temples famous for their

you have to be very lucky to find them open, I think

From a distance, the wall is unreadable,
seems just a scumble of paint, up close there is that 
miraculous fine detail - what's left of it.
Nice, how some structures outlast the politics of their times,
& sometimes even the belief systems.

no longer new but still looks great