258 / vast

Sometimes was reminded of parts of Australia

though not for long

couldn't do much about reflections 
too cold to open windows

it would be magnificent to ride through

 wonder whether nomads talk much?

I felt very quiet there


257 / strong

such strong landscapes, must be heaven for geologists, too

some of it looks like it just happened

found these mud brick ruins rather mysterious

would like to wander more slowly among them

& go slowly through the hardy little towns
with their optimistic decorations


256 / so cold

This was an early morning, to get there before dawn

so very cold! The white is ice & frost

superb mountains 

always love to watch them appear out of nothing


255 / time

This has taken the longest time: went through the photos from Tibet,
to see if I could get a bit more out of them. It was a hot day, 
& the mac got very hot

They were often through glass on a dusty road, at speed,
which is why I want to do a trip that focuses on photography;
to be fair, theres a set time to each next checkpoint, so we 
could not stop much

But then, yesterday, I frittered away hours trying to get into my blog,
my fault, passwords are in a confusing mess.
I like this country very much, though its the big mountains I want to paint

I'd love to see them in different seasons, too

& meet more of the nomads who live in them,
before they're made to settle.


254 / vivid

Its still quite vivid in memory, where most
of these photos were taken. 
The Pushkar mela in Rajasthan was the most amazing 
event I'd seen till then. (about '71 or '72)

a swami in a photo studio in Pushkar

a yogi & teacher, 108 years old, in Pushkar

have always wondered about the story here

its a yearly fair/mela, fabulously colourful 

its possible to know where they come from 
by their clothes

possibly a lot more sophisticated now, 

a chai tent out past the busy areas

pilgrims in Varanasi


253 / remembering

Baba Kausiladas.
a friendly sadhu in Varanasi, I was there for a few months 
in the 70's. I'd watch the sunrise with him, by the Ganga. 
He's no longer there, but I remember him well 
thanks to photographs

& these girls in the Gir Forest

My memory is very visual, wonder if thats the case
everywhere, now? With so many visual aids etc.
Here I drew the father & gave it to him, then it was ok to
photograph. Its the last place with Asian lions.


252 / from back then

from the house I rented in Dalhousie
one year

& another year

boy at a country fair, he's probably a grandfather now

a miller in the mountains

kids in Kashmir when we rented a picnic boat for a week or so

they followed us along the bank of the Jhelum river  

hand coloured this, as the neg was desperately scratched 

shepherds on a short Kashmir trek


251 / further afield

Some mountain boys on a walk near Dalhousie

a Ghaddi shepherd

Ladakhi ladies. All from the 1970's.
Am wondering whether I'll go to Ladakh next year..
It would be so great with a digital camera.


250 / holidays

Really don't like the new OS on my computer - old one
worked fine, now all my slide shows are mixed, without the music
& transitions I'd carefully selected.. as there
are many thousands of photos involved, guess what ..
& why would I want to synchronise all the devices?
Have loads of storage on the computer, & would like to delete
photos off the phone & iPad without losing them on computer. 
It is stormy outside too, though the photo's from another day, at the beach
(Byron Bay) looking towards mount Warning.


249 / trees

First time using my iPhone photos for here, & amazed at their size.
Every year these eucalypts shed their bark in 
interesting ways, I see them when I walk to the Farmers market
early on Thursday mornings

 am very fond of the abstract patterns

after 2-3 weeks these particular trees are a smooth white

each one has individual patterns

I think their position re sun, traffic, wind etc
is part of how it works

& maybe some are older

like all parts of nature, I like to think they
enjoy to be admired

not in any vain way, just naturally

a particularly intricate & subtle one

have photos from several years, (though no record of which tree)
am fairly sure its a unique creation each year.