177 / Spring art

Looks like tree art, changing each day

really Spring only lasts a couple of weeks, here

the light is different, theres been enough rain to wash the dust off

the cycad & palms are in Mullumbimby, a small town 
close to Byron Bay (where I live)

it's a good reason to walk into town:

see what they've produced overnight.


176 / trees

Once the weather warms, the eucalypts begin to lose
their winter bark: the spots are hollows, like small
doors to their summer white

nearby are some paperbarks, maybe visitors 
start peeling them

I'd like to leave a message, but I'd have to
peel back a layer too

the start of the bark opening, wonder if
it makes a sound?

a parenthetical grass tree


176 / Margaret Olley

The main show currently at our regional gallery is 
about the late artist Margaret Olley; some of the
rooms of her house have been recreated.

the rooms figured in many of her works & its fascinating to see 
the interaction, its all of a piece: the overlays of paint
echo the profusion 

the whole place was a work in progress 

one gets the impression it was both subject, studio, &
expression of her personality

I appreciated the paintings more 
through seeing - more or less - where they were created


173 / lots to see

Still at the Tweed Gallery:
its a lovely place, with strategically placed windows
that allow the countryside to be seen like artworks

it still looks green, & clear, & is close to Mt Warning

Jacaranda & Silky Oak in flower

attractive, calm views

 Rew Hanks is showing large lino cuts,
some of the prints are coloured, very interesting &
clever works, I like them a lot.
No signs saying 'no cameras' but my shots don't do them justice,
look him up!
He's represented by Watters Gallery in Sydney.


172 / seeing

Got some new glasses, really light to wear.

A friend took me to the Art Gallery at Murwillumbah,
where there were pictures from children, on the subject
'what will we look like in 500 years?' 
Really enjoyed many: the wonder full one above,

a fun robot - amazing how different they all were
(impossible to get without reflections)

I thought this one very unusual, somehow.
Lots of different local schools.


171 / some scans

In a Japanese museum, I drew a model of a Zen priest, 
the note says 'travelling attire'

In Calcutta museum, unusual carvings
.. details of where & when are long gone, sorry

the patron saint of Mexico, the Virgin of Guadalupe.
 which I found in San Cristobal de las Casas

& a wonderfully vivid embroidery from a market in Guatemala;
used to go there for visa extensions.


170 / buddhas

more things I didn't throw out;
I love to draw with a brush

Not sure when I did them, have drawn
many buddhas over the years

Made some boxes in the '90's about the silk road, after I read a lot
about Stein's explorations of the early 1900's. 
Didn't fire the clay, the photo looks better than they do now.


169 / Bali

Thought I'd get rid of some papers, it meant I had to go through them,
here's some from the late '60's,
above a shrine in Bali, where I stayed several months

& three from the same period,

the marvellous friezes in Borobadur

I was so sparing with film, back then!
Many negs & most slides are quite useless now -
monsoons, storage, etc.


168 / garden

So there's not much to post about..

this is not the fast lane, despite how speedily 
the days go by (I like the blur, here)

& I like to look for new compositions in the palms

in fact most every thing looks new each day, don't you agree?


167 / spring

There is a brief Spring, here in Byron Bay

sometimes I'm away for 2 weeks, & miss it

the Petrea vine blooms a few times a year

& creatures that have been away, now recharge.


166 / hibernating

Somehow I'm still hibernating; 
also it seems like only a few days since
the last full moon.
Painting is happening most days.

& my vegetable garden means I don't need to go out
so often.