114 / hope etc

A couple of my black & white paintings from the 1990's;
Above was based on a Sanskrit poem, which begins
'Hope is a river'    (can't find the poem)
I'd say the message is, essentially  'give up hope, & despair'..

This was a complicated design about good & bad, 
gods & demons, & perceived differences, generally.
Was choosing images to put on my new iPad mini, today.
Because of the recent Earth Day, I found these two.


113 / light

Paintings are not ready to be photographed..
click on these, you may see the coloured lights,
above in surf spray

& on the prayer wheel I brought back from Nepal,
I guess the camera focuses on the dots of light. 


112 / visitor

A kookaburra visited one morning this week,
I always enjoy to see & hear them. They have incredible hearing,
& will watch & listen for minutes,
then swoop on a worm or small snake thats under the surface.

& other interesting posts from the Asian Art Museum 


111 / stones

The large stones on this beach make a wonderful sound

as the waves recede down a low slope, 
the stones clatter ~ multi dimensional music

Australia has so many beautiful beaches 
with white sand, I suppose its a bit perverse to prefer this one

except there is always something different to see,
like this small green pool & embedded rocks;
probably all from a very large volcano, way back - the plug 
is Mt Warning, near Murwillumbah. 

not sure if I'll see this in May, but its worth a look now


110 / beach

At my favourite beach, this week

tide coming in

Boulder beach


109 / morning

on my morning walk, near the beach, Corellas.
There were large flocks out west when I was a kid,
perhaps they are here for a break from the drought.

wonderful bark

a large tree, don't know what kind


108 / impermanence

After a long time stored in less than ideal conditions, these pictures
were returned to me. The sketch above was a trial on draughtsman's linen,
I think it was after a visit to the marvellous Borobudur

It's a bit of a shock to see how badly some paper has foxed.
Even worse, the framers who glued the paper 
or card to a backing board, with rubber solution..

Then there's the history of all the moves, with or
without glass; as they were all painted in gouache,
I suppose its amazing that anything survived


another version of 
nothing lasts


107 / glass

This morning, two pieces of glass I made at a 
fun weekend workshop maybe 30 years ago 
were sitting with the sun shining through,
while I was cleaning my old Canon camera, 
it was a good opportunity to compare the different results.

The glass is rather clunky, but I love the shadows.
The small Nikon, which I've been using a lot, is at top,
the single glass is from the heavier Canon.
Its better, but also hard for me to hold steady in,
for instance, a moving vehicle. 
( am planning another trip in May )