236 / settings

At the beach this week, I could hear that my camera was
making a different noise

couldn't check why till I got home:
it had somehow changed to another setting

which I'd thought might only be useful for sports,
so I'd not used it

fun to see how it dealt with waves, & how that
opens up further possibilities.


235 / Shechen monastery

The beautiful Shechen monastery is also at Boudhanath,
& has unfortunately been damaged in the earthquakes,
but is nevertheless housing some 2000 people 
affected by the quakes

as you may know, the great 
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche was associated with 
the monastery

I like to stay at their guesthouse nearby, as any profit
goes to support the monastery,
as well as a medical centre

& theres a very pleasant garden

the monastery building itself is a work of art


234 / Boudhanath

At Boudhanath, in Kathmandu, there is a very large & old stupa,
which is a focal point of visits there

sometimes the pigeons seem to watch people 
walking in a clockwise direction around the perimeter

There are shops on the outer rim,
with beautiful Buddhist statues & artefacts

is the personification of perfect Compassion.

always like how the glass windows reflected
the stupa behind me

send help to Nepal, please