274 / beach rocks

Both of these are not often seen, the tides cover them with sand

especially these..they look sort of surprised, as if they'd
like to roll on their backs & watch the sky.


273 / remembering cold

In Colorado

& near Galisteo, NM
Its not really memory, when one is sitting in a 
still hot summer..


272 / views

Sporadic scanning: part of the really great view from the house
we rented in Dalhousie. One could sit on the patch
of green beside the steps coming up to the ramshackle old house

& beside the small house Michael built near Bangalow
-in northern NSW, Australia- 
were four large Moreton Bay fig trees.


271 / hot rock

Trying a friends camera today at the beach, to help decide 
what I really need. This with my Panasonic: in the sun,
a viewfinder is essential.


270 / alternative locations

In the vicinity of Crested Butte, Colorado

There was an old agricultural tool near the house

maybe it was a homemade snow plough ?

it would be nice to have seasons again, 
just not such cold winters - am not a skier.
&, really, will probably stay in Australia, & take
off to faraway places occasionally


269 / snow

Scanned some old prints, it takes longer than 
I'd like, as the prints are discolouring,
so need retouching

a beautiful place in Colorado, 
where I stayed some months
~ also intensely cold

sometimes the sunrise would gild small sections,
catching the breath in a different way

an especially expansive outlook from 
my friend's house in New Mexico