125 / three places

Scheduling posts ahead of time is weird:
the photos are from my Tibet trip last May

these are near the 1922 Everest base camp..
I'm actually in Byron Bay as I write,

yet it will be viewable when I'm in China, on a trip

between Beijing & Kashgar. Time travel of a sort.


124 / while I'm away

doing this in advance, & probably I'll post photos of 
my trip in China when I return..these are in Tibet

any colour you can think of, it seems

this looks like copper country

or gold?

& this whole area was like a photographic negative,
quite unreal somehow, like a strange dream just before it
turns scary.


123 / here's some

an impressive - & shrinking - glacier

around every corner more expanses

I love the drama of snow, it's not a common sight in Australia, 

nor are the variations we saw in the Tibetan landscape.


122 / mountains

small paddocks on flat parts

roads curving through ~ some very hardy cyclists

the animals waiting for Spring grasses, in early May it
looked like dried moss