202 / southwest

more old shots from the southwest USA

in Canyon de Chelly 

as far as I recall..


201 / beach

more scans

I love the variety of patterns


every day


200 / Byron

Patterns of sand & sea

at Main Beach in Byron Bay

 here on an unusually calm day

These are prints from an analog camera,
I had to be careful with film, I love how I can take
as many as I like, now. 


199 / rocks

waiting for the internet, so I scanned some old prints, 

mostly here at Byron Bay, or nearby beaches

though I think this one might be a mysterious blue pool
at a lake in Bavaria

Byron - some are rarely seen, only after very big tides
sweep the sand away

or I don't notice them every time

water makes a difference 

at least to colour & shapes.


198 / wet

Christmas & New Year was mostly wet
& humid

hot, even though it doesn't look it, somehow

the peacock was in a larger Pandanus

or strutting around a park, north of Byron Bay.