155 / Urumqi museum - 1

a small elegant piece, I like that it shows a woman,
they must have been very sturdy, in such a tough 

there were 2 yurts in the museum, quite different

a wonderful woven design that can be read from any direction

while some artefacts had been at burial sites, this shows
how the site looked, in the desert.
Interesting, that its a boat: some of the remains were
Caucasian, the silk road was a great mix of races & cultures

delicately painted on silk

a vivid saddle, its tree would have been drastic on the mount

woven brocade, the script says 'prolonging ones life
greatly benefits offspring'

I don't know if the curators can discover the provenance
of all the old fragments

I think some designs went back & forth & then back again, 
changing on the way

another lovely figure

the design & structure seems different from the one above, no?