78 / mountain time

Hesitate to post paintings that are not completed,
but .. here they are anyway.
The canvases are 121cm wide.
Mountains are leaning against my walls.

so far, what happens is 
I get them to a certain stage,
then something pops out that I didn't 
intentionally place there, so I add to that, 
& then perhaps take it back a little.
I don't want to make puzzles, yet we all seek patterns
in the apparent visual field

this one started as a daylight scene, then became a
moonlight night.. & I didn't change the snow,
could see where the moon would be to get these highlights,
& the viewer makes up the rest

while this latest one could go several different directions.
They all need to sit around for longer until its clear.
Its really pleasing to have no schedule to meet,
no client, gallery etc..