237 / plans

Plans to visit Nepal in October are in flux.
Bought my plane ticket before the earthquakes,
the insurance will not pay if I cancel
(here is at Angkor)

so I've been looking at what it is that draws me to 
parts of Asia, & what I love to photograph
(beautiful ruins in Vietnam that were bombed, I think)

the ravages of time & nature, of course,

& the signs of long ago past events, here in Thailand

I really enjoy time's hand on surfaces

& an (isolated) story like this.
But how will it be, with half a million houses destroyed,
almost all the historical monuments,
& so many wonderful Nepalese people left with nothing?
Webjet says they don't insure for 'loss of enjoyment'.
They'd never understand things like 
feeling the difficulties all around me.
It would break my heart.

Shall wait to see what I do, come October.