146 / at last

So.. it's a very long way across China

along the Silk Road

remnants or copies of earlier times, I took in the museum

in Dunhuang, I presume most were found in the area

this worked well, though many were useless
due to poor light, & multiple reflections

looks like a mermaid, how did she end up in the midst of the desert?

an old photo of the Mogao caves ~ which are built into a 
cliff face amongst the dunes ~ after long neglect

Now they have been shored up with concrete, &, inside, restoration
continues; its a Unesco World Heritage site.
The first one our group entered was a profoundly moving experience
for me, a truly spiritual space & so beautiful.
Look on YouTube, as there is no photography allowed now.
Theres also an old 12 part series 'The Silk Road', music by Kitaro
which is worth watching on You Tube.
Better yet, go there.